Moccasin Creek Sprint Enduro | Ryan Sipes Race Report

sipes-6954 copy.jpg

Round One of the Full Gas Sprint Enduro series was this past weekend in Blackshear, GA.  It went really well for me.  I was able to win seven of the twelve tests, both day overalls, and the event overall. 

The course at Moccasin Creek was super rough but fun.  It was really sandy in some sections and then a little muddy in others, but overall a blast to race on.  I won all the cross tests and only one enduro test.  But I was close in the rest of them, and that made the difference.  I was able to hold the lead pretty much all weekend and take first place points for both days, which gives me a 10 point lead in the overall standings.  Not a bad way to start the season. 

My bike worked great and looked great.  I got some photos that I'm really stoked on.

Thanks guys!


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sipes-8581 copy.jpg